Saturday 26 March 2011

i'm borderline crazy for Borderlines FilmFest

The Courtyard bar was full to bursting with music fans and Borderliners.  Every table occupied and queues for food and drinks.  A contented hum of conversation not drowning out the musicians nor being drowned out by them.  

My first event was a 19 minute film Just War directed by Joe Jenkins.   He traced the concept of a "Just War" and the many attempts at defining it, back to St Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.    Images from paintings to newsreel footage were used as illustrations and to reinforce the arguments.  Joe Jenkins commented that these made a much greater impact on the big screen than on his small computer. 

After the film there was a discussion.  The various conflicts in which Britain is now involved were talked about in the context of a "Just War" as well as comments about the sophisticated weaponry being brought to bear.  Anne Burge spoke of the way in which the use of long distance but frighteningly accurate weapons "separate the act from its consequences".   Another audience member, Barbara, felt that the Christian Church should play a stronger role in suggesting alternatives to war.

Music and laughter in the Courtyard Bar
Joe Jenkins, Director of Just War
Relaxing in the Courtyard Bar


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