Friday 25 March 2011

I'm borderline crazy for Borderlines FilmFest

I am still trying to fit pieces into the jigsaw. Which are the films I want to see, when, where and with whom? Some films are being shown on several different dates - others only once. Several films can only be seen in a remote village hall fully an hour's drive away. Friends are available either only at the weekend or just during the week... Some friends prefer a daytime cinema visit while others only go out in the evening. Most differ from me in taste and ideas... How to get organised and make my bookings?

I have a conversation with a friend who is stewarding several of the films I wish to see. Maybe we can meet for a drink afterwards? She has a tight schedule; two films in a row with barely five minutes between them. Let's get in touch nearer the time.
I am still buzzing with anticipation. Maybe I will buy a Courtyard Festival Pass tomorrow and just please myself!

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