Friday 24 February 2017

Day 1, Year 15

Dateline: 15:30 hours 24 February 2017, The Courtyard, Hereford

A beautiful day and already we are four films in, Borderlines is rolling. 

The voting boxes are out, the post-its poised waiting for your input and feedback. 

Soy Cuba & Denial plus Alone in Berlin launch a radical, visually compelling and engaged programme which will now play in venues up and down the Marches. Old friends and acquaintances are sat in the dark relishing the return of a fortnight of movie going, new friends are already discovering the welcome and engagement this winter festival brings. In a season when we all long for Spring, the snowdrops have lit the green fuse, the birds are starting to sing and Borderlines is bringing excitement and entertainment to the rural year. 

It's great to be back.

Matthew Evans, one of the two official Borderlines photographers

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