Thursday 4 April 2013

Here are a few of my favourite things

No, nothing to do with The Sound of Music. Paraphrase 'things' to 'links'.

It's that strange festival decompression time when reflection displaces frenetic activity. The film pages of the Borderlines website include a 'Read more...' link that takes you to a bookmarking site called Delicious where we have stored reviews, interviews and other links relating to each of the films in the programme.

So here are a few of this year's more unusual links:

1. Django Unchained - Tarantino Shoots You
Star in your own Spaghetti Western Stand-off using your computer's web cam and taking direction from Quentin Tarantino himself.

2. The movie poster for Elena by designer Sam Smith in a fascinating essay by Adrian Curry on MUBI that details the design process.

3. Background articles to some of the Japanese delicacies featured in I Wish.
Horsemeat sashimi (the red).
Karukan cake (the white)

4. The official Billy Casper website featuring the original locations for Kes put together by its then child star, David Bradley.

 5. Online exhibition for The Mexican Suitcase by the documentary's director, Trisha Ziff (though the music loop may drive you a little mad).

6. The original Village Voice review of Psycho.

7. A History Today article on the historical background behind A Royal Affair

8. And last but not least, a (German) knitted poster for Sightseers.