Wednesday 16 December 2009

Town Mouse/Country Mouse online

No, this is not a new publication that tells you how best to store your nuts over the winter months instead of using them as party treats over the Christmas period. It arises out of sheer frustration.

Last night, allured by the Stella Artois sponsored Recyclage de luxe Online Film Festival on the excellent movie site The Auteurs - seven classics of the French New Wave free to view, one a day for a week - I was trying to watch Jacques Demy's Lola (1961). 17 seconds into the film, a white sports car on a windy esplanade, and that was all I got. All attempts to reload came to nothing. Testing this morning Truffaut's The 400 Blows (1961) things are minimally better but who can enjoy a feature film in 6 second bursts with much, much longer pauses in between.

Once again, it's the inadequate broadband in rural areas that disappoints. Mine can just about cope with YouTube, barely with BBC iPlayer and 4oD but rarely with anything else. Ok, we're lucky to have it at all; there are parts of Herefordshire/Worcestershire, I believe, where dial-up is still the only option.

But there's so much promise out there now. Since the summer I've become aware of at least two websites other than The Auteurs that offer quality films that are out of the ordinary to view online. There's Babelgum which has a film and four other channels (including an Our Earth one that's currently covering the Copenhagen summit).

Babelgum recently featured Sally Potter's new film Rage, the first to be released simultaneously in the cinema, on DVD, online and for mobile phone download. Rage can be viewed on Babelgum here.

Now comes a new, fully licensed and legal video on demand site that specialises in independent films - Lars Von Trier, Roman Polanski and Claude Chabrol among less familiar names - that would otherwise only reach a tiny specialist cinema audience. All these point to radical changes in the way films are being distributed.

Explore and, if you get on better than I did, have a nibble.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Arriving soon near you

Our flyer - giving the merest hint of what Borderlines 2010 will deliver...

The flyer can be downloaded from Issuu here