Wednesday 9 April 2008

The smell of fish and flying pigeons

From newshound:
Jan Dunn who premiered her Ruby Blue, starring Bob Hoskins and Josiane Balasko, at a sell out screening in The Courtyard, shared some trade secrets with her audience.
Ruby Blue is completely different to anything Bob Hoskins has done before. “He’s in a lot of demand, but he will do the odd, low-budget film if he feels strongly enough about the script.” Persuading Josiane Balasko, one of France’s highest paid film actresses to take part, was no mean achievement either. Isabelle Huppert had been suggested for the part, but Jan wanted Josiane Balasko “and her agent told us she is always led by the script and not the money.” With Bob Hoskins on board, Josiane Balasko agreed to join.
Ruby Blue was originally called Ruby Red Checker, after a breed of racing pigeon which features in the film.
Sean Witton who joined Jan at the Festival, plays the part of Richard the fishmonger. He had to learn to handle racing pigeons and gut fish for his part. “Jan had me involved in the two things I hate: the smell of fish and flying pigeons,” admitted Sean who also played a part in Jan’s last movie, Gypo.
Jan’s next film, The Calling, starring Brenda Blethyn, Susannah York and Rita Tushingham, is already in the can awaiting editing. Meanwhile she revealed working plans for her next film, based on Rose Tremain’s novel, Sacred Country.
“Ruby Blue cost £300,000. We’re already trying to raise funds for The Sacred Country , but it’ll cost a lot more: maybe £3 to £4 million to make it.”
What did Jan, on her second visit to the Festival, think of Borderlines?
“It’s important to have a big independent film festival like this to screen the works of independent film companies like ours,” said Jan.

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James said...

What an encouraging post. Independent filmmaking , and indeed increasingly regional filmmaking, is surely where the action is at I'd say. Borderlines is perfectly placed to continue embracing this kind of work, I'd say.
Dream well!