Thursday, 18 February 2010

Venue spotlight: Cawley Hall, Eye

We have eleven venues taking part in Borderlines for the first time (see festival map)

Because of its proximity to another village that has regular film shows, Cawley Hall in Eye, near Leominster, has waited a long time to transform itself into a cinema.

It finally joined Flicks in the Sticks in September and the team has decided to make the venue special by concentrating on vintage films. Promoter Anita Syers-Gibson (on the left in the picture outside the hall) says, "A lot of people talk about films they saw when they were younger. This is something no-one else is doing."

Buster Keaton reading detective bookFor the Festival, Cawley Hall is showing a programme of Silent Comedy Classics including Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jnr. with piano accompaniment (in the absence of a Mighty Wurlitzer) by inimitable Borderlines regular, Paul Shallcross.  Subdued lighting and retro refreshments  - remember Paynes Poppets in those easy-to-dispense cartons devised specifically for cinema audiences back in 1937? -   recreate the full cinematic experience.

Also screening, Gideon Koppel's exquisite meditation on a small village in rural mid-Wales, Sleep Furiously. Tomorrow night (Friday 19 February), pre-festival,  Cawley Hall revisits post-war Vienna in the atmospheric The Third Man.

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