Friday, 26 February 2010

Festival starts in hours - no need to get lost!

Borderlines is here! And all over the place - 40 venues from Wem in North Shropshire to Ross in South Herefordshire and some far-flung and spectacular spots in between.

I did a radio interview at BBC Hereford anf Worcester yesterday and we were speculating afterwards whether Borderlines would take the prize for the largest surface area for a festival, 2,000 square miles or so (without checking my facts)?

But we have ways of guiding you. Consult the Venues page on our website which has a link to our lovingly compiled Google map. We've attempted to pinpoint our locations with earth-shattering accuracy - postcodes in rural areas can have a notoriously wide spread. Clicking on a venue  also now provides details of what's showing there.

View Borderlines Film Festival 2010 in a larger map

And the map will give you an idea of our scope, of what we're all about, here, there and everywhere.

So be not afraid of venturing out!

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