Friday, 26 February 2010

Cinema is an Improvement on Life

Borderlines Film Festival starts today. Am I excited? Yes I am!
Can we assume it's even better than last year? Yes we can!
Can we believe that something as brilliant as this is happening in Herefordshire and Shropshire? No we can't!
Is it better than the Hay Festival? Different kettle of fish - but you won't need a second mortgage to buy a Borderlines ticket.
Will it ever end? Not for ages. But beware; when it does there will be tears before bedtime. A feeling of ennui (possibly Thierry Ennui) will permeate the Welsh Borders. Prescription tranquilisers may be needed.
But we shall all be better people, because, as Francois Truffaut says (and he knows about these things) 'Cinema is an improvement on life'.

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