Monday 15 March 2010

Documentally and Ryan Bingham: what they have in common

Have noted before the beauty of festivals, that they generate random coincidences. I was reflecting on Christian Payne's envigorating keynote speech at Here Comes Everyone: Citizen Journalism in the Digital Age in Week 1 of Borderlines.

"What does that remind me of?" I thought. Then it clicked.
Travelling light.


Having everything you could possibly require a fingertip or two away.

It's all in the backpack.

It's Up in the Air!

Take my word for it or compare and contrast the trailer in which George Clooney as downsizing consultant, Ryan Bingham, delivers his presentation about the benefits of not weighing yourself down with material possessions or constricting relationships:

with this from Christian Payne, aka Documentally, at the event on Wednesday 3 March:

Both are driven, experts in their field, both are charismatic. Pie charts, networks, communications, it's all there.

Although I must add that Christian told us that family relationships figure high on his agenda; his son, Minimentally, had a web presence within seconds of being born or was it even in the womb? There's Granumentally too. He keeps in touch.

1 comment:

Documentally said...

And you should see my office...

When i travelled pretty much all I owned fit in my backpack and this was the case for 10 years. Now i 'work' and am involved in tech, i have tried to carry that practice over but if you have seen my office, garage, house in general you may think i love things. They are just that though, things. That's the key.

Tools are different and family is something else once again.

Cheers for the mention. :)