Saturday 5 April 2008

The Festival Ball

Hereford's glitterati last night invaded the town hall for the Festival Ball. Paul Shallcross provided the inter-course entertainment accompanying early (and inadvertently funny - especially the flying kitten) silent shorts. The film quiz created fierce competition between tables. In a roomful of film buffs the prize magnum of champagne was incidental; what really mattered was who knew their film references and was sufficiently fanatical to recognise that the dialogue played backwards was the 'row of beans' speech from Casablanca. (And yeah, we did win.)

Festival Director David Gillam with Carol Hunter of MovieMail

Peter Hill conducted three auctions including a classic print of Rita Hayworth. Meanwhile festival staff and board members schmoozed funders and sponsors and everyone congratulated board member Peter Williamson who masterminded the ball. I have to mention the food which was fantastic. It was a great evening, not so much a Ball, more a Gala Banquet.

Now for the films!

Ruth Williamson with Rita Hayworth

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