Wednesday 16 April 2008

All over bar the blogging

Gosh it's all over and I haven't posted any blog comments yet; how did that happen? Must have been too busy seeing films/thinking/chatting/laughing/arguing about them afterwards with my family and other filmgoing animals. What a good festival though; a real quality buzz at the Courtyard (which could certainly do with it). Each year me and mine seem to see more films, start planning earlier and by now I can safely say that it doesn't come as a surprise (oh is it that time again already, I probably should think about finding out what's on) because we are actually anticipating it as an established calendar event.
A few niggles, maybe; the quality of the projection was not always up to standard , feels like there's room for improvement there. Also, I pesonally don't enjoy show introductions which tell you what shots you're going to see and what they mean - there are many useful things show intros can do, but pre-empting in that way is not one of them. Don't do it!
I also think there is a bit of a gap where a young peoples programme should be.
But - really enjoyed it. It was a proper festival. Well done all of you.

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