Friday 7 June 2013

Why we come to Borderlines Film Festival all the way from Bedfordshire!

Christine and Mark Renney have been crossing the country from East to West in early spring for a few years now. Borderlines Marketing Assistant Alison caught up with them at the Market Theatre in Ledbury in March and asked them what was behind this migratory impulse. This is the response that they have sent us.

We first came across the Borderlines Film Festival when we made arrangements to visit family in Eardisley and wanted to see what was around so that we could combine this with other areas of interest.

Mark and I are avid film fans, and are members at Cambridge Picturehouse, and often travel to the National Media Museum in Bradford and stay over for a few nights to catch special things on there or go to talks at the University of Warwick by film historians followed by a film of particular interest to them.

You can imagine how delighted we were to visit not only a beautiful part of the country but an area with a thriving interest in films for all tastes and ages.  We decided to dip our toe in the water the first year of our visit as we only had a couple of days available in which to see films - that was in 2011.  From this we decided to take a week's holiday in 2012 in order to see as many films as possible in between other things we wanted to do. We enjoyed the opportunities of visiting villages that we would probably never have gone to in order to see films in local village or school halls.  The camaraderie of the audience members, who clearly support Flicks in the Sticks (fabulous idea by the way) regularly, is a delight and we got talking to some very interesting and interested people.
Francine Stock at Lady Emily Hall, Tarrington © Michelle Gerrard

We visited again for a week this year, initially booking the first week of the festival as holiday only to find that we had to cancel this and rebook for the last of the two weeks. What was so appealing to us was that both weeks had many films of interest and so we easily found, having already ticked the films of the first week to see, numerous films in the second week to watch - especially the Chilean trilogy.

It is our intention to come again in 2014 if the event is still running, which we are sure it will be as it is organised by people who really love and appreciate the fine works of so many film makers, old and new.
Disused petrol station at Whitney-on-Way © Mark Renney
Railings in Hay-on-Wye © Mark Renney

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