Sunday 22 March 2009

Small Stories, Big Ideas

A huge hello to all, my name is David Jones, I am a second year student of FdA Film at Hereford College of Arts.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone at the Borderlines Film Festival for the generous opportunity of showcasing our student short films. This event marks an important milestone for us as student filmmakers - it's one thing to make a film, but actually exhibiting it is really the point at which that film's life begins.

The film I am exhibiting is called A New Chance, it's my second student short film to date and has certainly also been the most challenging experience of my life to date.Seven months ago, I was sitting in, what we call, our "club-house" (or our edit suite), with a seven page script that exploded onto the page after spending two years in my head. I spent one month calling and emailing people, saying "hey lets make a film, it'll be fun!", and now, seven months later - all of my cast and crew have been physically and emotionally challenged - yet somehow we remain as close, if not closer as we all were at the beginning of the production.

And our showcase at Borderlines is the payoff, so much hard work and love poured into the production and now a showing on big screen - a fitting ending to a long journey.

So again, thanks so much to all at Borderlines for making this happen.

There's so many films to look forward to at Borderlines this year, each year the programme goes from strength to strength. Personally, I'm excited to see films such as The Wrestler, Of Time and the City, Man on Wire... the list goes on! The Local Filmmakers showcase looks to be an interesting one, so that's one not to miss.

Ok, so that's all for now apart for one last plug...

Small Stories, Big Ideas
Monday 30 March, 11.00 am, The Courtyard, Hereford
FREE but ticketed

Please do feel free to ask us all questions.

We're greatly excited to meet everyone!

Best wishes to all

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Hannah Rachel Powell said...

I'll be there!
It's such a great chance for some new creativity to come out of and be celebrated in Hereford.
Everyone should show their support