Tuesday 14 October 2008

Listen Again to Baghdad Headbangers

Intending to catch Heavy Metal in Baghdad at the Borderlines mini-festival Hello Digital @ Hereford in ten days or so? There's the opportunity this week to 'listen again' to Saturday's R4 documentary Baghdad Headbangers which follows the fortunes of the Iraqi band Acrassicauda. Quietly subversive - if it's possible for a heavy metal band to be so - during the Saddam era ("Never mess with the leadership") its four members are currently refugees in Turkey, waiting to see what will happen next.

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BLURT said...

For those of you that caught Heavy Metal in Baghdad at Hello Digital Imagine tonight, Tuesday 2 December, 10.35pm, BBC2, looks at the movie and follows up on the lives (in exile) of the four band members. Unexpectedly moving, the film provided a fairly unique insight into what it might be like trying to carry on a semblance of normal life in the nightmare of conflict-ridden Baghdad so strongly recommended.