Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Votes Are In

My Borderlines experience comprises not only as a festival goer, and festival volunteer but as a Courtyard recruit who runs front of house during the festival.  I see it all!  For those of you who have already indulged in some of the fantastic cinematic offerings on over the next 2 weeks- you would have encountered the new and improved voting stations. The boxes range from 5 stars 'loving it' to one star 'didn't like it'. The beauty of this, and in watching films come in and out, I am first hand to see the audience reactions as they clutch their voting cards and reach for the right amount of stars.  My job is to empty these after each film- and it is clear to see that you all are 'loving' what you see.  

Take 'The Artist' for example.  A film that has generated so much hype for being silent.  It's brilliant to watch a chatty full house bumble in to the auditorium full of expectancy and come out wearing expressions that are completely elated.  I myself, got the chance to watch this on Friday night and was one of many who fell hook line and sinker for its old time charm.  You can quite clearly see how it scooped up billions of awards during the awards season.  (And, quite frankly, if your heart wasn't slightly melted by Uggie the dog- then it's made of stone).  This film has gained such an overwhelming response from the festival- and by the looks of the votes has lived up to its reputation.  It's probably a good job Borderlines have added 2 EXTRA SCREENINGS on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th.  There, of course if no reason to state that I chose 5 stars for this gem.

Whereas thus far in the festival, Daniel Auteil's 'The Well-Digger's Daughter' has received the top happiest response- 'My Week With Marilyn' was also a joy to watch.  I tootled in yesterday, plonked myself in the Main House and waited.  Any I didn't move for the next hour and a half.  Michelle Williams brilliant encapsulates the aura of Monroe.  The beauty, the charm, the 'I can't take my eyes off you' effect.  Supported by a brilliant cast of British talent, the film was incredible.  Redmayne quite proficiently passed off the bumbling young man ready to make his break in showbiz (a character quite connected to any young person starting to climb the career ladder) and Branagh was just an amazing Sir Laurence Olivier.  I just had to put my vote in 'loving it'.

It was yesterday evening that I took myself along with a buddy to see British critically acclaimed gritty drama 'Shame'.  Wow. What a film.  One must say it was quite a steer in the opposite direction of my previous Borderlines experience, but one I was glad I took.  The film was explicit and head on, yet subtle at the same time.  The acting was superior and you got sucked in to the broken lives of the two protagonists. It was only a Shame that more people weren't there.  The film hit a note so hard that once the credits rolled, you could hear a pin drop.  Yet everyone I spoke to agreed that it was just exceptional.  On leaving the cinema I encountered the voting station.  I decided that this film was well worthy of 5 stars- probably for different reasons than the previous two, however a true deservant. I highly recommend watching this- and to make the experience even easier (my job as Courtyard recruit) is to tell you there is a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on the tickets.  So please, bring someone and watch it.

The voting in my opinion is the cream on top of the cinema experience.  As a punter it makes me think about how a film makes me feel, how I react and what I will take away with me from the film.  As  an employee I see how it makes other people feel and think.  And with so many people 'loving' what they see, it's a good job we've still got a couple of weeks left, eh?!

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