Saturday 22 May 2010

Tyneside birthday treat: programming democracy

Today, Saturday 22 May, is the second birthday of Newcastle's refurbished Tyneside Cinema. To celebrate, the venue's three cinemas have largely been given over to movies chosen by members of the public.

Take Over Tyneside comprises seventeen films from The Red Balloon at 10.45am all the way through to Eraserhead at 11pm. It's fascinating to take a look at the sheer range of the selection: classics like Dark Victory and Rear Window, not to mention Koyaanasqatsi, Apocalypse Now and 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as I Don't Want To Sleep Alone, a low key Malaysian film from 2007 about companionship on the edge of society.

Each person had to state why they nominated a particular film and will be presenting their choice to the audience so four-year-old Lily Matthews will be introducing Heidi.

Sounds an intriguing experiment. Hope it's not scuppered by too much unprecedented sun.

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