Sunday, 3 May 2009

Official favourites

According to box office figures, the film that drew the largest attendances at Borderlines 2009 was The Age of Stupid, seen by a staggering total of 1,186 people at five different festival locations.

Sell-out screenings for The Reader made it the second most popular film overall. If you missed it, catch The Courtyard's second run from late May. There's another chance to catch Milk too. Other films that drew big crowds were Revolutionary Road, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, A Bunch of Amateurs, North Face and, among the world cinema screenings, Lemon Tree and El Nido VacĂ­o.

Herefordshire schoolchildren filming on the farmHowever, in terms of largest average audience, the most popular screening was not a commercial film at all. It was Food & Farming in South Herefordshire, Catcher Media's engaging collaboration with primary schoolchildren and local farmers. Further showings will take place on Thursday 7 May at Garway Village Hall (call 01600 750461) and on Friday 15 May at Much Birch Community Hall (call 01981 541274).

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