Friday 23 May 2008

Photography and Celebrity - screenings and talk

In partnership with the ongoing Hereford Photography Festival Borderlines is screening Annie Leibovitz - Life Through A Lens at The Courtyard in Hereford on Friday 23 May 2.30pm, 5.00pm & 7.45pm and Saturday 24 May 7.45pm. The 5pm Friday screening will be followed at 6.30pm by a talk by Richard Heatly, Principal of Hereford College of Arts, on Photography and Celebrity. More details on the Hereford Photography Festival Events page

Leibovitz was most recently the centre of a furore over her 'inappropriate' Vanity Fair photographs of Disney child star, Miley Cyrus. Some views:
Shame on You, Annie Leibovitz, Carter and Miley Cyrus's parents, Janice Turner, Times, Tuesday 29 April, 2008
Storm in a Teen Cup, Zoe Williams, Guardian, Wednesday April 30 2008
'We like our Venuses young', Germaine Greer, Guardian, Wednesday April 30 2008

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